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nature poems for kids

Nature Poems for Kids

Here are a selection of FREE Nature poems for kids.

Feel free to use them how you want or to reproduce them. If they are used on a website please credit the poet. We have also produced a range of help sheets for teachers with ideas for further activities in class.

As you can see below the kids poems are clearly laid out and at the bottom of some are the teachers aid sheets. These are also free in PDF form, but we encourage the purchase of our Teachers Aid - Kids Poem book which features thirty poems, classroom activities and learning pointers.

Also you can click on the poets and see more of their work and find out more about them and why they love writing poems for kids.

We hope you enjoy these Nature Poems!

Into the Woodland

by Robert Patinson

I wonder further in the wood
then pause to take in all I could,
and there beneath its canopy
I'm caught up in all its beauty.

The colours start in palest green
a vibrant living leafy screen,
and spreading out in waves of pink
the Willow Herb and nettles link.

Insects buzz in whispered words,
the broad old Oak is full of birds
where Great Tits dare an early call,
beneath Jays dig within the sprawl.

Beyond a line of Foxglove towers
rise above a glade of flowers
and light, a shaft between the trees
guides me on with quiet ease.

nature poetry for kids
Click here for the TEACHER HELP SHEET with activities and pointers
poetry for kids



The Marsh

by Cheryl Sandberg

The clouds are placed in such a way
that seems to cast some heightened logic
on the foray of the flats and clay,
picking out the green from beige.

The moist brown ink and tainted gold,
is straw becoming copper, weaving
slanting yellows, burnished and bold,
turning their flower heads skyward.

A wood plank cabin, drifting on this sea,
warden of thistles, sailing grassy waves,
brings forth from within a twisted old tree,
pushing up from the shadows beneath.

Over to the east a strip of melting blue
calls the pillions to a duel, pulling cables
drawing lines, thrice bisecting the view,
resisting the urge to whip free.

The grasses beckon, giddy, for beyond
the factory’s spires are morbidly cold,
their flavour is on the wind and its bonded
the smell of nature and industry.

nature poems for kids
Click here for the TEACHER HELP SHEET with activities and pointers
poetry for kids


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