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Winter Poems for Kids

This a selection of FREE Winter poems for kids.

Feel free to use them how you want or to reproduce them. If they are used on a website please credit the poet. We have also produced a range of help sheets for teachers with ideas for further activities in class.

As you can see below the kids poems are clearly laid out and at the bottom of some are the teachers aid sheets. These are also free in PDF form, but we encourage the purchase of our Teachers Aid - Kids Poem book which features thirty poems, classroom activities and learning pointers.

Also you can click on the poets and see more of their work and find out more about them and why they love writing poems for kids.

We hope you enjoy these Winter Poems!

Snow Storm

By Robert Patinson

The land was white and freezing cold
the snow had come and taken hold.
A blizzard moved in from the north
and told the flurries to go forth.

A howling sound brings with it chills,
frozen words drift through the hills.
The trees wear coats of fluffy snow,
the land’s so bright it seems to glow.

Snowflakes drifted down from the sky
whipped by the wind in swirls they fly.
A light and freezing screen they form,
the blizzard grows into a storm.

Snow Storm Robert Patinson
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Will it Snow?

by Meg Wiseman

Outside the sky is white and grey,
the forecast said its snow today.
I walk up to the window pane
and wonder if it might just rain.

For as I doubt what I was told,
as if a promise I was sold,
I notice wisps of white appear
at last I see the snow is here.

Soon the snow has grown intense,
No longer do I feel suspense.
Instead, for sure, I will soon go
to run and play out in the snow!

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